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Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf | Sensory Owl
waterproof bean bag tunnel sensory owl
waterproof sensory bean bag tunnel
Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf | Sensory Owl
Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf | Sensory Owl
waterproof sensory bean bag yellow side

Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf

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  • ideal for home, therapy, school, kids corner and indoor play areas 
  • cover made from 100% waterproof fabric easy to wipe and clean
  • inner part filled with polystyrene beads
  • help to stimulate the proprioceptive and tactile system through squeezing, pressing, massaging
  • perfect to sit, hide in, squeeze through or jump
  • lightweight 
  • pouf size: 90x70cm 


Deep pressure stimulation involves squeezing and massaging the body. Those who have a sensory disorder often need regular stimulation. OT therapy and sensory exercises (so-called diet) help to relax and relieve stress related to lack of information from those senses. 

Whole-body exercises: Roll the tunnel over the person from the head to toes. Repeat several times. Regulate the pressure by involving the person lying on the floor. 


Middle body part exercises: Ask the user to squeeze through the tunnel. Roll the tunnel with the person inside 


Anxiety / Anger relief exercises: Let the user squeeze and punch the tunnel to relieve the anger. Massage the body by rolling and squeezing. 

Group exercises: Squeezing through the tunnel stimulates the senses but also develop gross motor skills. Set two or more tunnels for sports rivalry games. 




This tunnel has a waterproof outer layer and it is easy to maintain. Wipe clean only. 




Guaranteed within 30 days


Guaranteed within 2 weeks  



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