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Long Minky Weighted Collar - Made to order
Long Minky Weighted Collar - Made to order
Long Minky Weighted Collar - Made to order
Long Minky Weighted Collar - Made to order
blue long minky weighted collar made by sensory owl
cappuccino long minky weighted collar made by sensory owl
Long Minky Weighted Collas sensory owl

Long Minky Weighted Collar - Made to order

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  • individually made to order
  • both sides made from 100% polyester
  • square shape to fully cover shoulders 
  • ideal for use at home, during therapy sessions or in the classroom
  • helps to build concentration spam
  • relax muscles and promotes calming
  • prepares for the nighttime by exhausting the accumulated energy 
  • works well in conjunction with the weighted blanket
  • stimulates proprioceptive system 

Deep touch pressure is a well-known technique of connecting the body with the mind through tactile sensory input. It might involve firm holding, hugging, stroking, squeezing and gentle pressing on different parts of the body. The weighted collar provides a unique shooting downward pressure different from weighted vests. It also gives a sense of hugging similar to a weighted blanket.  Many kids, teens and adults who have difficulty with self-regulation or sensory processing respond positively to tools like the weighted collar. Individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, developmental disorders or high anxiety levels find it calming and relaxing. The weighted collar is easy to use and can be put on and off when needed. Long shoulder arms can be crossed for a nice hug feel. A wide square shoulder pad stays in place when the user is moving around. Incorporate it at OT therapy sessions or in school lessons to improve attention span.



The collar weight should not exceed 5% of the user’s body weight. 




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