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human in intimate bag in ash shade
theatre performance, intimate bag
human in intimate bag in ash shade


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Product description

  • patented seamless design

  • breathable fabric structure 

  • thermoactive and transparent

  • certified, non-toxic threads  

Intimate Bag is made from patented Secondskin® seamless fabric that presses the whole body. It creates a truly deep and personal environment. The main benefits include:

*stimulation of the proprioceptive and vestibular system 

*deep relaxation and resting

*lowering emotional tension and silencing anxiety attacks

*strengthening the sense of security

*integration of body, mind and emotions

*promotes self-love and self-care

*boost dopamine


Sizes & Weight


A- 205x42cm

Weight: 40 grams 


Ways & using ideas:

Make ties on both ends (you'll need help) and let yourself move inside. Perform stretch and breathing exercises or lie down in silence. Play the music and let the body soak in the beautiful sounds surrounding your space.  Let your mind wander and your body reset whenever you feel tension taking over your daily life. 


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